🏝 Island DAO 11th newsletter - BACK IN THE GAME

The island is on sale!

I messaged the court officer.

I got the reply and…

“The property is on auction again. Please find enclosed auction notice.”

Here is the link: https://www.oksjonikeskus.ee/oksjon/view/?okid=60696

I contacted the legal team, I will need help with all the formalities. Key information:

"If the purchase price exceeds 12,700 euros, one tenth of the purchase price must be paid on the working day following the auction and the remaining price must be paid within 15 days."

It means that after the purchase we will have 15 days to finalize the sale.

It means we need to focus.

If the crypto money gods have been treating you well, then please book a call with me so you can ask me all the questions: calendly.com/marsxr/basex?month=2021-05 ☎️

(planning to do community AMA as well)

2020 wasn’t technically possible at all.

2021 completely new set of circumstances, we are doing it!

Here is a short video from, me explaining the progress:

There is one challenge a decision making point:

ETH fees are prohibitively expensive to use but it’s more OG. BSC is much more popular, it seems to me it has more access to abundant capital.

Fundraising strategy

☎️ let’s talk: calendly.com/marsxr/basex?month=2021-05

ETH did 15x. Island did 6x the other way.

From $1m round number to €150,000 rock bottom, just enough to cover the costs.

➡️ Discord: discord.gg/9RDzBUX

➡️ Twitter: @IslandDAO

I will be trying to contact people I know, people I trust, people who were passionate about the project since the early days.

Guys / girls / humans we can totally do it, we are doing it! 🏝

(expect more updates soon, if you want to become more engaged please start with booking a call, let’s talk face to face, that’s how you build trust in the modern world)

Mars Robertson


(check my work, what I do is a labour of love)